Thursday, June 23, 2011

Skinny Dipping Alone

Good Evening from sunny Orlando, Florida!! After driving down here with 4 kids in the minivan and then spending a day and a half at Sea World in blistering heat, i need to relax a little. Rather than staying in a hotel, K rented a house. There are some pros and con to a rental house compared to a hotel or resort down here. Definitely one of the pros is the private pool. It's not as big as you might find in a resort hotel, but the key word is PRIVATE.

Tonight after K and the kids (including AJ's daughter) all went to bed, I was not really tired. I wanted to go for a swim. I turned off all the outside lights. The kitchen lights too. I walked out on to the deck. I took off my clothes except my Jockey boxer briefs. I got into the water which was warm, but just cool enough. Then I threw my Jockey's on the deck and swam as God made me.

It was relaxing for a while but then I decided that swimming was too much work. I looked around and spotted a partially deflated raft. Perfect!!

I climbed aboard in all my glory (which was actually below the water) and slowly floated about the pool. Occasionally I would paddle to avoid hitting the side of the pool. I closed my eyes and wished that T was here with me. I miss him a lot and skinny dipping with him would be a lot of fun. The more I thought about the more... er ... distracted I became.

Eventually I realized I was running with my ... uh... periscope partly above the waterline.

Good thing everyone else was asleep.


T said...

I'll tell you my comment on this in private...:)

Anonymous said...

since T wants to comment in private, then I won't comment at all and instead try to find a PRIVATE pool!

Buddy Bear said...

It's always reassuring when everything is in good working order.