Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Old Boyfriend

Until recently I would not have thought I would be talking about a current boyfriend much less and old boyfriend.  I talked to an old boyfriend today.

On Wednesday I am taking the kids to Orlando for a visit to the House of Mouse.  K is already there with her team for a tournament which will end on Wednesday.  She and the parents of her players have rented a house and they will be leaving as I am arriving.  We will stay there, with AJ's daughter for the remainder of the week.

No trip to Orlando with kids is complete without a trip to Walk Disney World.  Have you looked at the prices to get into that place??  HOLY SHIT it costs a lot.

Just as a joke I posted something on Facebook about slipping the kids under the fence to save money.  A short time later I heard from a boyfriend I had in High school.  I think I have talked about him before but I was involved with him during my senior year of high school.  Neither one of us used the word "gay" during the entire time we were together.  

Anyway, after not talking to him for 20 years I reconnected with him on Facebook a while back.  He has been with his partner for 12 years.  So he reached out to me on Facebook saying he might be able to help me with the cost of Disney tickets.

I called him this morning.  It turns out his partner work at Disney and has a pass that can get 3 people into the park for free.  FREE??  YIPPEE!!!   It should save me something like $500.  

I wonder if Facebook will want a cut of that.

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