Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Better Perspective

Sometimes when something happens, at first, I can look at it from the wrong perspective.

I mentioned the other day that tomorrow I will be developing an "illness" and leaving work a little early and spending the afternoon and evening with T.  I have not really seen him in a long time.  I did see him last night, but it was only for dinner with his family.  

This morning I woke up after having a dream about T and I. These dreams happen a lot.  I sometimes dream about us being intimate.  I sometimes dream about us together on the beach or on a cruise.  Sometimes I dream about us together with our families.  These are all different, but the thing that's the same is T and I are always by each other's side.   

So I was having a crappy day at work and all that was keeping me going was that I was going to have a lot of time tomorrow with just T and I.

Then I got a text message from him.  "I have to look at some houses with my Realtor.  Do you mind if we do that?"  (T has bought several houses as investments that he rents out)

REALLY??  I have not seen him in a week.  All I wanted to do was be with him and melt into his arms.  Could he really not wait to look at houses for another day?

As I was stewing about it, I started thinking about the dream I had last night.  I started thinking about the key element of the dream.  T and I by each other's side.

Then there was another thought.  He has looked at a lot of houses and this is the first time he has invited me along.  This is a chance for us to be together doing "regular" stuff... together.  To be part of another aspect of his life.

Then I realized I was not upset at all.  I realized that I was happy he asked me to come with him.  

I was happy again and looking forward to my visit with my boyfriend.


Buddy Bear said...

Hmmm.... maybe one of the houses scwill be your future dream house together.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jim! Enjoying just doing the everyday things with your sweetie is so much more important than only seeing happiness during the adventures of life. Don't worry, be happy!