Friday, July 1, 2011

No. You're Family

As I expected, I spent a good portion of yesterday running around with T and his sister  (the lesbian sister).  I met them for lunch and then we stopped at a couple of stores.

After returning to his house for a while, we met up with his Realtor who was taking them (T and his sister) to look at some possible investment properties.  After drive around for a while, T invited the Realtor (who is also Vietnamese) to dinner with us.  Then I got to witness the dance Asian people do when a groups of them go out to dinner.  They all want the others to decide where they go to eat and they all want to be the one who pays.  It's really cute to watch.

Then I spoke up to break the stalemate, "I think a steak sounds good."  They all liked that idea then T listed all the steakhouses near his house.  "How about Outback?" I suggested.  They all agreed and then started listing the Outback locations.  

"There is one near The House of Beijing." the Realtor said.  "That's a really good Chinese restaurant." he continued.

"Would you like to go there?" T asked him.  Before I knew it, the plan had changed from the steakhouse I requested, to Chinese.  I was disappointed, but said nothing.

We went back to T's house so we could take his car.  The Realtor in his car would then be able to go home directly after dinner.  While driving over there with T and his sister they said something about the change from the steak to the Chinese place.  They did not think the place we were going was that great.  Since they considered the Realtor a guest, however, they felt they had to do what he wanted to be polite.

"What about me?" I asked. "I'm a guest and I wanted steak."  

"You are not a guest."  T's sister scoffed, glancing over her shoulder toward the back seat where I was sitting.  "You're family."

What did she say?


Now, T and I have told each other that we each consider the other to be family, but this is the first time I have heard it from someone else.

Family, huh?

I liked the sound of that so much, I forgot all about Outback.


T said...

Jim, we are vegetarians! We only eat mushrooms and tofu.

Anonymous said...

from all said:
Jim get another boyfriend, family or not, they will never take you out to have your steaks and all you get is babysitting their kids during weekend (personal experience!) :-D