Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy With Progress...So Far

Yesterday K and I went back to see a therapist we had both seen about a year and a half ago. (Take a look at posts from the second half of December 2009.)  The reason we went was K wanted a second opinion on strategies for talking to the kids about me being gay.  This therapist, lets call her "Trish" is not the fluffy, California type I used to see, but more of a New Jersey, quit-your-whining type.  That style actually worked out pretty well for both of us.

While were were there, we both took some pride in where we were.  The last time we saw her, K had not met AJ and was convinced that she was going to become the Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpson's.  I was in a relationship with T but it was not nearly as stable as it is now.  Today we are in a much different place.  Both of us are.  Her and AJ are making on offer on a house any day.  T and I are talking about long range plans for us too.  All in all, we  are both pretty happy.

The rest of the time we talked about the kids and getting them up to speed.  Neither Trish nor K thought it was going to be as big a deal as I am fearing.  They both reassured me that no matter what, in their eyes, I will always be their dad.  Because I will always be very active in their lives, they think it will be fine.

After the session, I called T and told him what Trish had said.  "Hmmmm...  Where have I heard THAT before?" he asked himself.  I could picture the look on his face.

It seems like this weekend should be the time.  It will give them a chance to think about it some, before I take them all on vacation next month. 


Buddy Bear said...

I agree completely with Trish, K and T. Coming out to your kids will work out just fine!

T said...

I don't like that guy talking on the phone...not me...Grrr!


Anonymous said...

It will be good for them to have time to digest it before school starts, too..get any initial worry out of the way now.