Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Can't Wait to Move!!

"I can't wait to move!"  My youngest son told me this morning.

"I can't wait either." said my oldest son. chimed in.

"Will Mom and AJ move in while we are at camp?" my daughter asked.

If all goes well, K and AJ expect to close on the new house while I am on vacation with the kids.  I don't know if K will actually move while I am gone, but I would not be surprised if I came back to find half the house cleared out.  I don't expect she will take more than she needs and I don't think she will take the things I need.

K has made a point to telling the kids I will be over at the new house a lot.  She has told them I will be there most days after work for dinner and may stay until bed time some days.  That will keep my connection to the kids, and really to her too.

But I am also realizing that I will have a lot of time alone.  It's not that I don't have all kinds of things to do, I do.  It's just that I have not been alone for any length of time, well, really ever.  The closest thing was when I lived in a single room in the dorms in college.  Even then I had lots of friends and fraternity brothers to hang out with.

Overall I don't think it will be so bad.  I don't really know what to expect, but I know it will be an adjustment that is outside my experience.


the island guy said...

I enjoy reading what's happening in your life.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your ex has the right attitude with your kids. You are so fortunate...and I am envious.

T said...

It will be OK, Jim. The kids are just excited about their new rooms, not about leaving you. It's a good sign, to me. It shows that they are confident that both K and you will always be there for them. It shows that they are not so far emotionally disturbed by all the confusion around them now. I'm pretty sure you won't have that much free time as you may think. You will have lonely nights, yes. But, you can call me any time during the night as you wish, even when I'm sleeping. OK? can use the free time to make me peanut brittles, learn how to give me massages, do research on how to kill the Japanese beetles in my yard,...and memorize this: "I love you, T. You are always right. How may I make you happy?". Yeah, that's it.

:))) <3

P.S. My Confucius just told me to keep you smiling.

Mike D said...

Best wishes to you as another path in your journey opens up to you. I will be in a similar situation (hopefully) by summer's end. Mike