Saturday, July 2, 2011

Driving Away

Yesterday, K sad that AJ wanted to take her for up to Grandfather Mountain for the day.  She more of a beach girl than a mountain girl, but I encouraged her to go and spend the day with him.  Especially since his daughter was away with friends for the week.

Last night AJ came to pick up K for a sleepover and as there were leaving K told me that AJ wanted to invite the kids to the mountains for the day.  It was OK by me and I told her so.

This morning, I woke up and fed the kids breakfast, got them dressed and made sure they had everything they needed for hiking.  K and AJ showed up, loaded the kids into AJ's car and they drove away.

The kids all waved enthusiastically as they drove away.  This is the first time that K and AJ have take all the kids away and left me alone at home. 

Strangely I do not feel stressed about it... well... not THAT stressed.  There is a twinge of sadness as this is another reminder that things are changing for me.  In the long run, there will be lots of things that the kids will do with K and AJ that I won't be able to.  And on the other side there are things that the kids will do with me and T that K will not go to.

In fact, for her some of that has already happened, sort of.  There were several times last winter when K was away at a tournament that T and I took the kids out of pizza and then a movie.  That is sort of the same thing, expect K was not left home alone, she was basically at work.

So rather than sit here win my loneliness, I think I will pack a bag and hear to the gym.  Then I have a gift certificate for the Jockey store so I may buy myself some new underwear.   Finally, when T is done with work, I will visit him and see if I can talk him into taking me out for a steak dinner.  


T said...

You can have steak; I'll have mashed potatoes and zukini. I am a vegetarian! My Confucius said: "Weg meed keel spurm; spurm ang-dee-cap."

Anonymous said...

So Jim won't get pregnant... :)