Friday, July 8, 2011

Unexpected Surprise

Last night I went to visit T right after work.  We did not have any plans and while every visit with him is nice, I did not expect this one would be much different from other visits.  And at first that was true.

I met him at his house and after he finished some chores we went to dinner.  There is a Thai place we really like.  After eating WAY to much, we headed back toward his house where I expected we would relax on his sofa, watching TV for a while before I had to leave.  But that is not what happened.

He invited me to stay the night.


In the past 3 years he and I have slept together a handful of nights.  Four nights to be exact.  Each of those night have been in hotels while we were on road trips together.  This was the first time he asked me to stay at his house.

It was the first time he looked me in the eye and said, "Let's go to bed, honey."

Another part of my dream has come true.


Buddy Bear said...

How wonderful... for both of you!

TwoLives said...


T - Can you make that a habit??

RB said...

Four nights in three years?? Why? Why couldn't you spend the night before?

Uncutplus said...


Anonymous said...

I knew T could be a gentleman once in a while! Hope you get those invitations more often!

Java said...