Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy... but Thinking About What is Missing

Last night I got to spent the evening, first with T's family, and then with T alone.  Together with his family I had a nice dinner.  As usual they made me feel welcome and part of the family.

I think that T's mom, who was initially scared of my relationship with T, now enjoys when I play with T's nephew (who is the same age as my daughter).  

His sisters are warming up to me and that is nice too.  They are very close to T and having their acceptance is important.

Tonight, however, I am alone.  The kids are up in their beds, K had gone to AJ's house for the nights.  He just got back this morning from a business trip and K is jonesing to see him. 

(On a side note, she tole be several time over the years that she really didn't care if she ever has sex again.  I guess a bunch of sex with a straight man has changed that tune.)

T is at his house.  I spoke to him a few hours ago and he was very sleepy.  I did not talk to him long because he was tired and ready for bed.  I am tired too, but not ready to go do bed.

As I am getting ready for bed myself, I cant help but remember me dozing at his side last night on his couch.  I was laying together with him, my arm around his.  We were not naked, but it was nice a peaceful.

There is just something about dozing with my arms around him that just makes me feel so good.

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T said...

I dozed off earlier, but, now, I'm wide awake. Wish you were here holding me...then, feeding me chocolates...then, getting me some diet coke because I would be thirsty...then, rubbing my back because it feels good. I guess that's all for now. :)))