Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lucky She Found a New Guy

As I think about dealing with the paperwork surrounding my divorce, I was looking thought the comments from my last post.   The comment from Rob reflected something that T and I have been talking about off and on for a while.

Rob said: "You are very lucky. This is the easiest divorce I've ever heard of. Probably the fact that she's falling right into the arms of another guy helps."

Rob is right.  T and I have talked about that before.  A year and a half ago, K did not think that she had any prospects.  She was pushing 40 and with 4 kids and a gay ex-husband.  She was not feeling very good about herself or her future. 

I think because of that she was reluctant to let me go.  Whenever I wanted to go out with T, or do anything out of the house, I would get a lot of shit.  When T and I were together it was difficult to really be with him because I was always worried about how much crap I would get when I got back home.  

Today, that is not the case.  Occasionally, I get a little crap, but usually that is when we are trying to coordinate when she can go out and when I can.  Or who is paying for the sitter if we need one.

I think it is a good thing that K has found AJ so quickly.  Things are still not moving fast enough for her liking, but she hates waiting for anything.  Now when I go to see T, I can focus on him.  I can enjoy being near him and I never have to worry about it.


Anonymous said...

That was so true and this means you have to kiss AJ when done with the divorce and turn him gay!
wish a happy ending for AJ & K
and of course for you and T

T said...

I think AJ is Bi. He used to be a Marine!...LOL

jim said...

AJ was in the Navy.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if AJ has a gay brother who is in the Navy, I have a brother-in-law that I want to keep him busy with someone so he stops bothering me with his refreshing-family-bonds ideas.
(I thought about AJ himself but then thought it won't be nice to steal him from your ex, she sounds a nice woman and she probably had enough taste of gays) :-D