Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can't Help It.

Dinner was over.

The dishes were still on the table.  I'll get them later.  All I can think about now, is being here with you.  Snuggled on the couch, watching something on Food Network.  

The windows are open and there is a cool breeze coming in from the porch.  I look over.  The sky is dark and clear.

"Let's go outside and look at the stars" I suggest.  Grabbing a blanket from the back of the couch, we go out into the yard.  You help me spread out the blanket and we lay down to look at the stars.  

We held hands as we talk about the stars and constellations.  We talk about the    We saw a shooting star pass overhead.  I closed my eyes and wished the same wish I always wish.  I opened my eyes, turned to see my man and  I knew my wish was coming true.

After laying there for a while I notice your breathing change.  You start to snore a little.  I lean over and kiss your cheek.

I was not really sleepy, so I decided to take a quick swim.  I did not want to go inside and it was dark outside, so I took off my clothes and slipped into the water.  The water was only a little cool on my skin and it felt good. 

I rested my elbows on the edge of the pool where I could watch you sleep.  I hear your snoring over the crickets and could not help but smile.  

I turned and lazily floated on my back for a while.  Then I heard something enter the water.  I looked over to where you were laying, all I saw was a pile of clothes.  Then I felt your arms surround me.

I turned to face you.

I gazed into your dark eyes. 

I could not help but lean into you and kiss your lips.


Anonymous said...

That was so beautiful. I'm happy for you guys.
I want one of those moments too :'(

T said...

That wasn't me! I NEVER ever snore, and I can't swim!
I'll finish the dishes; please don't drown me!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on T of course every guy your AGE snore!
Considering the facts it seems you guys had a dinner together with dishes left unwashed, then you both fell asleep, you snoring a lullaby and Jim dreamed a nice wet dream, it started to rain and Jim thought there was a Koi pond he could swim in, somehow another guy jumped in that pond/pool, there are several possibilities:1. you can swim in your dreams 2.there was a merman (koi?) in the pond 3.Jim is double timing....
They all seem possible so call 911 after figuring where #11 is!

T said...

If it's a koi merman, then his thing would be so tiny...LOL.
By the way, I'm only 24. And I don't snore, honest.

jim said...

24?? I wish.

Anonymous said...

24? too young, not my type.
Jim can I have your number instead?