Sunday, October 18, 2009

I see straight people. They are everywhere.

I went with K and the kids to church this morning. After we all went to lunch and then to a local mall. While K was shopping for kids clothes, I waited outside the store and I could not help notice how many hand holding couples passed right in front of me. It was almost like they were teasing me.

I took these pictures about 2 min appart. I took several others too, but I think these 2 make my point. These people are normal and it's so easy for them to be normal. They get up each day and they look into their lover's eyes and they see there exactly what they want to see and what they expect to see.

Their love is normal. Everyone around them expects them to hold hands at the mall. Maybe even sneak a quick smooch. Everyone who sees them, including me, thinks it nice that 2 people are in love. It made me want to be normal too.

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manxxman said...

You are normal......don't let any one tell you any different.