Thursday, October 22, 2009

Snow Day

I love snow. Growing up in New England it snowed a lot in the winter. I remember as a kid being so excited when a snow storm was coming and there was a chance that school might be canceled.

I love in the south now and, no, it did not snow here, but I took a snow day from work anyway. (I took this picture just outside Charlotte last year.) K and I were home together most of the day and we did not have a bad day.

I did do work, but I was able to do it from home.

I really needed a break and I feel pretty good about it. Back to work tomorrow.

1 comment:

manxxman said...

I love it that you started your second paragraph out "I love in the south now"......because in point of fact you do "Love".....whether it's in the north or the south.

Just keep up the work....because it doesn't just happen by itself.