Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me! Is it really?

Tomorrow I turn 41.

I usually don't make a deal about my birthday. At least not once I became an adult.

I am taking this time to evaluate my life (or at least some of it). Where I am, what I have, and where I am going. While there are goods and bad in my life, there is more good than bad. I know a lot of what I write here is about the pain and struggle that I am currently engaged in, but there is a lot of good too.

I have a great wife. I really love K and she is a saint. Considering all I put her through in the past 18 months, she is still standing with me. We still have a good time when we are together and she is still my best friend.

I have great kids. They are not perfect, to be sure, but they are pretty good. They love me and I love them. I know they will grow up to be good people and I am proud of them all the time. There is nothing I like better than coming home after a hard day at work, and have my 2 younger kids come running to greet me at the door with a big hug. I would like it from the older kids too, but they are usually too absorbed in whatever they are doing to notice I came home. {sigh} teenagers.

I have a great family. My parents love me and they have always been supportive of me. When I came out to them almost 2 years ago, they did not hesitate to let me know they love me just as much gay as they do straight. If I had know how accepting they were going to be, I would have come out when I was 18. Of course if I did that I would have missed out on K and the kids.

I have not always been close to my sister, but she has been super supportive. I talk to her on the phone way more than I have in the past. I am very grateful that she is there.

There are other blessings in my life and I thought it was important to take a minute from my normal boo hoo-ing to express my gratitude.

Tomorrow there will probably be more boo hoo-ing.

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manxxman said...

Happy Birthday......41 is the new what 27.....will at least it sounds good.

You're moving on in ways you have no idea about just now, but it's happening. Be grateful for all those around you that love you for you.