Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Am Starting to Love Being Gay

I met T for lunch today.  With his visitors gone (they left Monday)  I have actually been able to see him twice this week.  We had dinner on Tuesday too.  As you can imagine, I am feeling a lot better.

On Tuesday I brought T a present for Christmas.  It was not a big thing, but something I thought he would like and find useful.  

Today he gave me a gift too.  It was thoughtful and I liked it.

After lunch I went back to work and was there less than an hour when T sent me a text asking me to come back to the mall where we had lunch.  Since most of the office was cleared out for the holiday, I packed up my stuff and headed for the car.  

I met him at a jewelry store where we was looking a pocket watches.  He thought it would make a nice gift for me.  I told him it would probably spend most of it's time in a drawer.  He had another idea.  The leather ID bracelet in this picture was what he picked (without the engraving).  I LOVED it and told him I would wear it.  We went to have it engraved.  He proposed putting my initials on the front, and his on the inside.  I thought that sounded like a great idea.  I was very excited.

It was not so much about the bracelet itself, but the event of him purchasing it for me.  It was not terribly expensive, and it was something I might have bought for myself had I seen it first.  There were 2 things that really caused my excitement.  The first was that he picked out something that was something I would have picked for myself.  I think that once again demonstrated a connection between us.  The second was that we were getting it engraved together.

We went to the counter together to get it engraved.  He was more composed, but I was excited.  I filled out the engraving form and he paid the bill.  As we walked out of the store he was smiling at me.  "We were so obvious!" he said.  Meaning that it would have been plain to even the most dim-witted that he and I were a romantic couple. 

"Good." I said, but not for he reason that he might think.  He knows I am proud of him and our relationship.  I would hold his hand everywhere we went if I thought he would let me (and I thought we would not get our asses kicked).  I was happy because I this was the first time, I was sure that others knew I was gay, and was with my boyfriend and I was not even a little bit uncomfortable.  I did not feel shame.  I was not embarrassed.  I was totally happy.  Simply exhilarated.

I really am in a place where I am starting to love being gay.  And I owe it all to one man.

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Paul said...

Good for you and T knowing what gifts to get each other. I am awful at that so I had my man come with me to pick out the camera he wanted. Not very romantic but that's really the best I can do. We will see tomorrow what he surprises me with.