Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunsetting 2010

2010 is in it's way out.  It was not the best year I ever had, but it was pretty good.  That said, I am still glad to see it go.  I have high hopes for 2011.  

Professionally 2011 is shaping up to be a good year.  At the beginning of 2010, I was in a little of trouble at work.  I was pointing out problems and things that my bosses did not really want anyone talking about.  This year they have come back to me asking me what I think they should do about the problems they could have avoided had they listened to me in the first place.   It's always good when people see the error of their ways.

In 2010 I stopped carrying around the guilt of coming out as a gay man.  I stopped feeling guilty for my inability to be a straight husband.  While I still feel responsible for K, and I will until she finishes school, I no longer feel responsible for her happiness.  She can so that on her own.  

In 2010, I solidified my feelings for T.  I realized that the feelings we have for each other does not grow on trees.  It is a rare blessing that I need to hang on to.  Earlier this year,  I thought I could easily re-create it with someone else.  What I learned is that the "chemistry" between two people is not so easily replicated and it is more intangible than I thought.

My to do list for 2011 includes coming out to my kids and making friends to improve my social life.  I have a greater optimism going into 2011 than I was going into 2010.

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