Sunday, March 7, 2010

Honey I'm Home

It has been a long day.  I am tired.  As I pull into the drive way I see your car is already there, which is unusual.  This is usually the night you have to work late.  What a nice surprise.

As I trudge up the walk I can hear music.  There is something else.  A smell in the air. Onion.  Is that bacon?  You are cooking.  Another nice surprise. I begin to perk up a little.  

I close the door behind me and set my bag full of homework by the front door.  I slip off my shoes and head toward the kitchen.  You are at the counter dicing potatoes.  Your back it to me, and you don't hear come in over the music.  As I get closer as you a scraping the chopped potaotes into a mixing bowl.  I get close and wrap my arms around your waist.  I can feel your abs tighten as you inhale sharply.  I kiss the back of your neck.  You grasp my hands and turn your head, "You are home early." I say.

"My meeting got canceled this week, so I thought I would surprise you with dinner."  

I just smile as your turn in my embrace to face me.  I plant a kiss on the end of your nose.  

"That's it?" you ask.

"No, There is more."  I plant a quick, gentle kiss on your lips.  Then another one.  Then another one.

"Are you just going to tease me?" you ask with a grin.

I smile back.

I let you go.

I turn off the stove.

I take off, running upstairs with you right behind me.


The Lion Queen said...

How exciting ... fantasy or truth?

Hope you enjoyed yourself.

jim said...

Sadly, all in my head ... For now.