Sunday, March 28, 2010

It is Settled

It is Settled.  I am traveling to Internet City to see Internet Guy.

I am very excited about it.  I have to meet him in real life.  I have to find out for sure.  There is no question I have strong feelings for him, but am I in love with him, or am I in love with the fantasy of being in love with a guy who seems to be so perfect for me?

Once I spend some time with him.  I will know.

I booking flights for the last weekend in April.

Excited and cautiously optimistic.  

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TwoLives said...

Will he be meeting you at the airport? If so, then your heart will be racing as you walk the final steps past security and into his arms. It will be impossible not be both very nervous and very excited.

From now and until that final pre-meeting minute, I suggest that you do your best to keep your expectations for both him and your meeting realistic. You don't want to build them up so much that they cannot be met.

You might want to do some video chats between now and then. They'd be fun and they might help keep both of your expectations realistic. (Besides, won't it be torture to wait a month??)