Monday, May 30, 2011

Alone in the House... or Maybe Not.

Right now, T is on his way home. As I type this, he is on the first leg of his trip and will land in our city just after 8:30pm. I am very excited he will be home. Not that I am going to see him tonight.

The visit with K's parents is going ok and is almost over. They leave tomorrow morning after the kids go back to school. So far it has been pretty benign from my point of view, except for the fact I have not been able to sleep in my bed. On the other hand, K's mom is a really good cook and she made the most wonderful stuffed clams yesterday.

Last night, K's mom took my kids to the movies. I chose to stay home and let her have the time with the kids. I was there alone (with the dog) for something like 3 hours. I was pretending I was living there alone. In fact I have been thinking about that a lot lately.

It seems that K and AJ are close to finding a house that will work. They have 2 they like. One is very close to the house we live in now. So close, in fact, the kids will all stay in the same schools. K likes this idea and she likes the house too. The other option is a house is an easy 15 or 20 min drive from my house. AJ likes this house much better. The kids would have to change schools.

K and I were talking on the phone the other day, telling me about the houses. Then I asked a question she had not anticipated: "If you get the house further away, what if oldest son (who is finishing his freshman year of HS) does not want to change schools and asks to continue to live with me?".


A first she insisted that was not an option. After thinking about it, I think she realized that he is old enough to make that choice for himself. Not that I will offer that option, but if he asks, I don't think I can reject him out of hand.

Over the past few days she has been thinking about the closer house even though AJ may not like it as much.

Putting that drama to the side, I seems that her and AJ will move on they house selection pretty quickly. I have been thinking about how my life will be when I'm in the house alone. I will be able to retake the master bedroom, for one thing.

I may see about taking in a roommate. If i can get someone to pay half the mortgage, that would be pretty cool. Or maybe I'll sell the house and buy a condo. Or rent an apartment so I can be ready to go when T asks me to move in with him.

Hey! A guy can dream...


Jacob Woods said...

A guy can dream!!!

T said...

One step at a time. My parents are already comfortable having you at our dinner table at any day of the week. I never thought that day would come. It was sweet of you surprising me at the airport. <3