Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Alone... More Than Usual

I am alone in my house tonight.  Well, the kids are here, but there are no other adults... for the third night in a row.

Of course, I feel alone because T is not here with me (or me with him), but tonight I am feeling more like a single parent than ever.  K is gone again to AJ's house for the night.  Now it's not like it's fun and games for her.  AJ is traveling on business (in Utah I think) and K is there so his daughter will not be alone.  

About 2 months ago AJ got a new job that paid a lot more than his old job, but the catch is he would have to travel 2 weeks a month.  During those trips, K agreed to look after his daughter (who is 15).  I knew that might be a little inconvenient for me, but I did not think it would be this bad.  This is his first trip!!!!

Am I going to be a single parent every time he goes away?  I am all for him having a job that pays more, in the end it will only help her (which in turn will help me), but Jesum Christmas!!

It's not like her and I hang out that much in the evening.  We do sometimes, but usually she does her thing and I do my thing.  Actually, most Tuesday's nights, I usually drive to T's house.  Not tonight.  I also don't really like the idea of being the only adult with 4 kids, one of who has an unpredictable (not life threatening) medical condition. 

At least she is back early.  Generally around 7:00 when is plenty of time to get the little kids ready for school.


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