Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jim and the Lonely Campfire

Last night I was home alone.  After I get the kids to bed, I went out into the back yard and started a campfire.  There is something about watching a fire in the dark and hearing the wood crackle is soothing to me. 

When ever possible, campfires are best shared but last night I waiting until the kids when to bed so I could have this one alone.  I think I was fishing for attention so I sent T this picture and told him it was a lonely fire.

He told me to "Stop complaining and be happy with what you have.  Remember how much you wishes to get to this point before?"

Of course he was right.  I called him and we talked for a while.  Sometimes we talk about the blogs I have on my reading list.  He reads them too and we will discuss what people ave written and the associated comments.  He reminded me that there are plenty of guys in a lot worse shape than me.  So rather than bitching about by lonely campfire I should be glad I am still living at home and not in a bug infested hotel on the bad side of town.

When we finished talked, I quietly watch the fire.  I read some web sites on my Blackberry while listening to the crackling fire.

I felt a lot more at ease.  In fact, I even dozed off in my chair. 

Tonight I am going to see T and I know I will feel even better.


T said...

I love you very much, Jim.

Buddy Bear said...

T sounds like he's very sensible: wiser than his years!

jim said...

Wiser than his years??? He is WAY older than I am.

T said...

I am only 31, and I look 30!!!
...and handsome, wise...
Buddy Bear is now my BEST friend.