Sunday, May 15, 2011

Melting Away

If you tell anyone I said this I will deny it, but K does not handle stress very well.  There... I said it.  And when she gets stressed out, she is miserable to be around.  It becomes miserable for everyone.  What's the line from that song?  "If mama's not happy, ain't no one happy" or something like that.  (I wonder if AJ has experienced that side of K yet)

Today was one of those days.  Today was stressful for her and to make is worse for her, AJ is leaving tomorrow afternoon for a 4 or 5 day business trip.  So if she does not see him tonight, she will have to wait until Thursday or Friday.  But I am going out to see T tonight, so that really put a damper on her plans.

I don't really feel that bad, because last night she had a sleep over at AJ's house.  I sure as shit was not going to give up my night with T.

Anyway, having been raised Chatholic, I know all there is to know about guilt.  So does K.  She was laying it on as thick as she could.  Then when I made the offer to stay home, she said, "No.  You just go.  I'm cleaning house now."   Grrrrr.

So I left.  I grabbed some crappy fast-food for dinner and I headed to T's house.  Once I got there, we went downstairs into his den, but on the TV and I melted into him like he was a well worn pair of Levi's.  I could feel all the stress melting away.  I could feel myself relax.

There is just something about being with him that puts me at ease.  I can't explain it, but it is there and I am soooooo glad it is.

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Buddy Bear said...

My estranged wife was like that: when she was tired / stressed, she made it everyone's problem. I'll bet AJ won't experience that until after they are married.

Good for you for not giving into the guilt! Bravo!! "Melted into him like he was a well worn pair of Levi's" Wow! A fantastic image and a beautiful piece of writing as well... you two are very lucky to have each other!