Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Talk

Last night after work I hit the gym before going home. When I got there I found K making a meal of grilled steak & and chicken, corn on the cob,and a salad made with lettuce she grew in the garden. My first thought? AJ must be coming for dinner.

Of course, I was right. He did not get there right away and K and I talked about some houses she looked at. There was one with rooms for all the kids and a full in-law apartment in the basement. I looked at her with a big smile.

"What?" she asked, thinking this would be perfect for everyone.

I laughed. There was no way in hell that AJ was going to go back to the plan of me living in the basement now that we have all agreed, however briefly, that I would live elsewhere. I went on to say I was sure that AJ was relieved he got both K and I on board with that.

"I don't know. I could probably convince him." she said.

I told her not to bother. I also expressed concern that he might not like me hanging around there everyday either, after a while. Then as we talked about it, I would not be there every day really.

At least 2 days a week I will go see T.
In the fall, I will start a bowling league that is one day a week.
Hopefully I will make some friends and that could take another night.

So now we were talking about 3 or 4 days when I might be doing something other than hanging out with K and AJ. But all that said, she did confirm that as long as my kids are there, I could be there as much as I want to be.

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