Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Evening Companion

I am a political junkie.  My views are generally center left (VERY left on social issues) and I like most of the personalities on MSNBC.  

Most days I come home from work and follow a similar routine.  I change out of my work clothes and put on shorts and a t shirt.  Then I usually make dinner for the kids.  Occasionally, K will have made something for the kids and I dish it out.  She rarely eats with us.

Then the kids play, do homework or play Xbox or Wii.  About 7:30 I start getting them into baths or showers ahead of bed time.  Usually K is not home and I am doing bedtime on my own.  Most of the kids are old enough to take care of themselves, but my daughter still needs her daddy.

Most evenings, after the kids are in bed, I curl up on the couch alone, with my BlackBerry PlayBook, a diet Pepsi, and Chris Matthews.


T said...

Positive thinking:

1. similar routine: less chaos

2. change out of work clothes: i love you naked

3. shorts and a T-shirt: sexy

4. make dinner for the kids: good dad--one of the reasons why i love you

5. K is not home: less chance for you to be yelled at

6. your daughter still needs you: she's cute

7. curl up on the couch: relaxation, comfort

8. BlackBerry Playbook: luxurious technology item that you like and have

9. diet Pepsi: refreshing after a day of hard work

10. watching Chris Matthews: a little healthier than porn addiction...

11. alone tonight: tomorrow you'll get to hold me and do whatever you wish...:)

Anonymous said...

If you don't go for custody, my T and I will come and kick you.

I have the most wonderful kids in the world and I got to keep them and they love my T. Ron