Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy .... With Love

Yesterday while most people were taking the day off, I was in the office. My company was open of business. I could have taken the day off, but since my K's parents are in town, what better day to be out of the house. By the time I get home from work today, they will be halfway home.

I got out of work a little early and took my older boys to see "Fast Five". The movie, set in Rio, had two Asian characters.

One played my the sexy and suave Korean, Sung Kang...

... And the other by the heavily muscled Fernando Chien, who spent most of his scenes in an UnderArmor shirt that was several sizes too small.

While the action on the screen was interesting, my mind was a thousand miles away and 35,000 feet up. T was on a flight back from his trip. He would land in a little over 3 hours.

After the movie, I drive to the airport to meet him. He did not need a ride and he did not know I was coming, I just had to see him because I missed him so much. I got a little crap from K on my way out the door, but I left in time to get to the airport baggage claim just before he came down the stairs

He was surprised to see me and the look on his face when he realized it was actually me who came to meet him was worth the drive. We took his bags and I drove him home, hand in hand. His sisters got their car and followed some time after. I could not stay long at his house, just long enough for a good night kiss under the stars.

You can keep your Asian musclemen. I have the man I'm looking for.

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Anonymous said...

Tonight I'm envious. The one I love is still on a distant shore. I'm hoping to go June 17.

Blessings on you both - Ron