Sunday, May 29, 2011

Half-Way Through

As Saturday comes to a close, the day was not too bad.

T took off for his trip this afternoon.  I looked up his flight on a flight tracker website to follow his progress in the air.  I think it made me feel closer to him as we is traveling far from me.  

When he landed in Phoenix for a layover, he called me.  I was outside having a campfire with my kids, but I was really glad to hear from him.  It will be really late here when he finally makes it to California, and I made him promise to let me know when he was safe on the ground.

Spending the day with K's parents was not so bad.  They made dinner for not only us, but for AJ, his daughter and her boyfriend.  It was ok, even if it was pretty crowded around my table.

Tonight I am sleeping on the couch as K's dad is sleeping in my bed.

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