Friday, May 13, 2011

Nice Guy...But Not a Pushover...

So the weekend is here.  It is a time when I can see T and we can spend more time together.  

I was planning to go out tonight and meet up with T.   Friday night is no ideal for him because he works on Saturday, but there is an event at the Church where K works that the kids and I have to be there to help her with.

So I was going to give up my Saturday night, but it was the right things to do for my family.  I would see him on Friday and that would be better than nothing.  So I told K that's what I was going to do.

That did not go over well.  Not that I am going out, but she would not be able to.  Because of her church job she would not be able to see AJ on Saturday.  On Sunday he is leaving on a business trip for 5 days so this is really the last opportunity she would have to see him for a while.


I let T know and like a good man he was understand, but disappointed.

Then I was thinking today.  I was thinking that once the church event is over I am going to see T.  I know it will be late and I won't be able to stay that long, but I am going to go anyway.  I want to taste his kisses.  

So I let K know that I would take my car to church and then I would leave directly from there.  

"Oh." she says.  "I guess that does not work out too well for me."

Apparently AJ's daughter will be gone and AJ will be home alone and she wanted to go for some "private time". 

Yep, that won't work too well for her.  I told her that I am going and she should enjoy her time with AJ tonight because I am going out tomorrow.  She took her pillow with her.

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