Sunday, May 22, 2011

Change of Plan

Deep down I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, so I was not surprised when K brought it up. 

K and AJ have been looking at houses, most recently houses that are very close to the house  we all live in now.  Yesterday, she called me after she saw one of these houses.  She told me the number of bedrooms and some quick math told me there was no room for me.

If you need a refresher, K and I have been thinking of a way that we can all live together with the kids.  By together we were talking about a variety of scenarios, including an in-law apartment or maybe a small house on the same property.  

"AJ and I were talking about it and he was thinking that if you were living so close to us, we (meaning her and AJ) might might not develop 'us'"  she told me.  I got the impression that this was a conversation that she had a long time ago with him, but was not sure how to bring it up to me.

Of course, she is right.  What's more, T told me months ago he did not think what we were planning was really a good idea.  While the idea is scary for me, I think it will be the best for me too.  As I think about it, I have been distracted with finding my place in the world.  Having more time on my own is sure to help me with that.  Right?

We have a lot of details to work out, but I am starting to have some peace around it.

Maybe, just maybe, my boyfriend will come and lay on the couch with me.  

I'll save a spot for him.


T said...

I will lay on the floor with you, Jim. Remember, I grew up without a bed of my own for thirty some years. Of course, you'll have to fan me and feed me grapes...LOL!

Anonymous said...

What T says. - Ron

RB said...

Time to leave K behind to her new life and for you to move on. It would be crazy if you were in the same house as them.

Buddy Bear said...

K, you and AJ in the same house would be just weird. If you had your own place not too far away, both parents would have excellent access to the kids. More importantly, each of you would have some space to push forward with your new lives.