Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Feeling a Sense of Loss

I do not have time to explore it now.  I have no reason to feel this way, all things considered.  But I do.

I am feeling a sense of loss in the past couple of days, that I can't quite explain.

I wonder if it because I bought a bed today.  K and went to Lowe's to look at making our formal dining room (that we do not use) into a bedroom for me.

I am feeling a loss today.


LivingFiction said...

I can see where that would make you feel a sense of loss. It's recognition of the fact that you and K are, indeed, no longer a "couple."

It's good that you're allowing yourself to "feel" it vs. stuffing it. Perhaps she's feeling it too ... and you could talk it through with her (without leaving an impression that you want to "undo" decisions made).

Thinking of you today ...

manxxman said...

I agree with LivingFicton....and you will have this feeling for awhile but with time it changes so give it and yourself that time.