Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rainy Day, Bud Light w/ Lime, & Drunk Blogging

OK, so, I like Bud Light w/ Lime.  Does that make me gay?  Or does the fact I am gay influence my choice in beer?

Here is what I DO know.  When I got home I had to cut the front and the side yards.  I finished just in time before one of those summer time thunderstorms blew in.  Well it blew in all right.  Usually, these storms form elsewhere and blow over the house.  It rains and thunders for about 30 min and then it is over.  Not tonight.  Tonight it formed directly over my house and rained hard for 3 or 4 hours.

So after cutting part of the grass I was thirsty and hot.  I needed a beer.  I grabbed a Bud Light w/ Lime and it tasted so good.  I had another one while I watched the storm.  Then another one. (I had my 5 year old daughter get it for me).  Then with dinner I had another one.  The while surfing the net after dinner I had another one.  I had another while chatting with IG and another one while chatting with T.  I think that adds up to 7 beers.

I used to drink a lot.  I mean like when I was in college.  But not now.  In fact I bought the 7 beers I drank over 2 months ago.  So add the fact I rarely drink to the fact I had & in 2 hours and you can guess the condition I have been in tonight.

Even now I have a pretty good buzz.  But I am not drinking to escape bad feelings.  I actually feel great. I mean really.  I have T who loves me.  My kids love me.  K loves me AND she has found a straight guy that gives her the passion she craves.  What more could I ask for?  I think I have it all.

Chatting with IG was nice.  He is coming to peace with his ex wife, ex (not so ex) boyfriend and with himself.  I am glad.

The I chatted with T for a long while.  I really am in love with him.  I just can't stop thinking about him.  I know both of our family situations are difficult now, but I know, I KNOW, that one day we will be together as real partners.  I do not know how exactly we will achieve this, I just know we will.  One day he will be my husband.  I very much look forward to that day.

I am going to bed now and hope I will not be hungover in the morning.

Wish me luck.


Cubby said...

My brother and his wife guzzle Bud Light w/Lime by the gallon, I swear. Maybe they are a couple of homos!

I tried a couple when I visited them recently. I liked it alright, but I prefer the more full-bodied beers that micro-breweries produce.

I'm very glad that things are going so well with T. Have a good weekend :-)

jim said...

I'm kind of funny that way. I prefer watered down American beers.