Thursday, May 13, 2010

Won't Someone Think Of The Children

Neither K and I are seeing our shrink anymore.  

We don't really need them anymore.  Together we are in a good place and separately we are in good places too.  But we did go and see the one K was seeing today.  We wanted to get some advice.

With me dating T and K dating AJ, and AJ having a teen daughter, who knows they are dating, it is time to tell our kids what is going on.  K and I have to tell them at least that we are separating.  I don't know if we will advertise the relationships with T and AJ at this time, but sooner or later they will figure it out.

The relationship with K and AJ will be much easier for the kids to see.  They are tuned to see straight relationships.  My relationship with T will be a little harder for them to spot, but, sooner or later they will find that out too.  Then will find out that I am gay.

We are not going to get into the gay thing with the kids yet.  We will wait for that later.

Since we are going to continue to live int he same house with the kids, there is should not be a whole lot of change for them.

I have going to see T on Saturday.  I am very excited about.  I have talked to him a few times this week, but not as much as I would like. It's really my fault, I have a had a TON of work I have had to bring home every night.  

Last Saturday, when we were together, we connected like we had not been apart.  It was so nice to be with him and I could tell that I am really in love with him.  

I am feeling better, happier, today than I have in a long time.  I am grateful to K for sporting me and not going crazy and to T for loving me.  Things are working out for me and I am happy about it.  K pointed out that she told me over a year ago that everything would be OK.  

I guess I should have listed to her in the beginning.


manxxman said...

I think you ought to email a number of the men that read your blog that are in the same (or have been) boat your are as regards to younger children, divorce and being gay. Personally I think the younger they have this information the healthier. They have to be feeling the changing dynamic of your and K's situation and this will be confusing to them. They are stronger and far more forgiving of change then you think.

Java said...

I'm really glad that you and T are back together.

jim said...

Me too. I am lucky to have him.