Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunset Together and Cookies

I had a productive day at work today.

After work, I took down the ceiling fan I hung on Monday and re-hung a new one.  I just didn't like how the old one was working.

I got a shit-load of text messages from T today, mostly this morning.  I can't help but smile when I hear from him.  Just knowing he is thinking about me, improves my mood.

We have been thinking about taking a 2 day trip.  The soonest it could be is Labor Day.  Mostly because of his work. I don't think I mentioned what kind of work he does here, but when he had his blog (which he deleted) he mentioned a few times he is a doctor.  I am hoping that is OK.  He owns his own practice and his straight sister (who is also a doctor) works with him. I am not going to talk about his practice except to say that it is very busy.  So much so that he is hiring a 3rd doctor who will start later this summer.

Once that new doc is up to speed, T thinks he will be able to take a few days off.  Labor day weekend will be the perfect time.  I am very, VERY excited about the prospect of taking some time and being with him for a few days.  Just us.  No going home at the end of the evening.  Just us.

Maybe we would be watching the sunset like these people.  

Except, we would be sitting closer together.   

K has spent all day with D.  He has been quiet, more so than usual.  She has not yet told him definitively, that while she values his friendship, she does not have the spark with him.

At the same time she has not heard much of AJ (who does know the situation with D).  She told me today that she finds herself thinking about him all the time, and misses not hearing from him.  I told it is clear that she is falling in love with him and I was happy for her.  She sushed me.  That is too scary to think about, she said.

She seemed to be OK when I got home from work, just the normal stress from the kids on a sunny day.  But at about 9:30, while I was still working on the ceiling fan I could tell something was very wrong.  She did not say anything, but I could tell.  

She was baking cookies.  Baking, especially at night, is a sure sign something is wrong or stressing her out.

For the record, I only ate one.  A small one.

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