Monday, May 10, 2010

Moving Fast

Things are moving fast.  Maybe too fast.  A lot of it is out of my control.  

One thing that is very important to me is stability.  I like things that are consistent, predictable and reliable.  My life is not like that any more.  

Of course, anyone who has been reading this for any length of time, knows, my life has been changing for over 2 years.  But it have been changing slowly.  Over the past month it has been moving much faster.  There has been one driver.

K has a new boyfriend.  She and AJ are really hitting off and things are moving.  I wonder if it is stressful for be because it is moving out of my control.  For the first time it is K calling some of the shots and not me.  Yes, I knew this day would eventually come and I REALLY am happy for her.  It the change that is unsettling for me.

I really need to put on my big girl panties and get over this.  I have to say that I really am getting almost everything I hoped for.  You would think that I should be jumping around happy.  I mean really, what is wrong with me.

  • I have a man that I love and he loves me back.
  • I am out to my family and they are supportive of me.
  • I am out to K and she still loves me, supports me and remains my best friend.
  • K has found someone that make her feel good.  She says they are not in love, but she can see that coming on the horizon for them.  
  • Her new boyfriend is accepting of her, our kids, and me (you know, the gay soon-to-be-ex-husband)
  • Because of her new found love, she is easier to live with.  She is happier.
So, I have all this change and all of it is working out exactly like I was hoping.  I don't understand why I still feel stress about it.


The Lion Queen said...

A person always wants what they think they can't have and when they have it, it's never what or how they thought it would be.

I think it's just human nature.

Good luck!


manxxman said...

So when are you guys going to "file".....that's when you will probably really feel the "stress".